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The tools and websites on this page are specifically designed to help you dig through large sets of hard data. These are going to be much more numeric or based in statistical and survey research. 

 ★ = Star indicates my personal favs :)


Google Trends shows the leading trending searches from the Google search engine each week and may also be used to trend specific topics, terms or phrases over time. It's really great when trying to show increased interest in specific topics. 


The Google Dataset Search is a handy search tool that allows users to locate online data that is freely available for use across the internet. I use it to search for data before I do any research so I am not duplicating work. 


Pinterest Trends - similar to Google Trends - shows a historic view of the top search terms and trends on Pinterest across the US, UK and Canada. 

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Answer The Public is an SEO tool powered by the “suggested searches” or predictions that you normally see when you perform a Google search and is useful in identifying the way people are searching for a specific topic in search engines. 

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The US Census Bureau's mission is to serve as the nation's leading provider of quality data on Americans providing vast amount of basic demographic data on the country. 


Tastewise is an AI platform that turns billions of data points across recipes, social media, delivery, and restaurants into trends and information to be used by food and bev companies. this links to their free live data and is great for any food brands tracking food trends. 

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Data USA helps visualize tons of interesting data points and trends across topics in the US and is pulled from dozens of public sources. 


The Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan American think tank based in D.C. It provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends shaping culture. It's my favorite for keeping a pulse on American social and political beliefs.


Similar to Pew Research, Gallup provides nonpartisan data and research focused on measuring public opinion across the world. Gallup has been doing a lot of its studies for decades which makes it great to see changed in opinions and perceptions over time. 


YouGov is another global public opinion research company but tends to focus on a wider variety of topics spanning entertainment, tech, media as well as social and political topics. YouGov always has the spiciest and most interesting pop culture questions. 

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The Harris Poll provides research and data on topics of opinion for specific industry topics as well as has a brand health tracker measuring the reputation of major companies in the US.  


Maru/Blue is a research company that does public opinion polls each week on hot button topics in the US, UK and Canada. 


Pinterest reports on timely trending topics across their platform with supporting insights and data. Their end of year wrap ups and predictions for the next year are some of my favorites.


Edelman's 20 years study on trust, credibility and relationship building between companies, brands, NGOs, governments, and consumers. 

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