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Freelancers Union is a site to bring together freelancers from around the globe, providing benefits, resources, and advocacy for its members. 

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A paid course and website that provides resources on freelancing from two experienced freelancers in the industry. 

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A private membership network connects top talent globally offering a digital space to connect, collaborate, and grow with exclusive job opportunities and development resources. 

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This is a google doc that's been floating around for a while with a list of hiring contacts that people have at major agencies across the US. I cannot guarantee this is 100% up to date. 


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A suite of freelancer tools to help with invoicing, proposals, payments, etc. all in one place to make freelancing easier to manage. Has a free and paid version. 


Bonsai has a variety of templates for invoicing, contract, tax and more. Similar to And.Co this website has everything in one place however this one is only offered paid. 


The free version of this app is great for invoicing and keeping track of your finances such as expenses, taxes and income. 


Toggl is handy when it comes to tracking time spent on work or tasks and is really great for when you are being paid hourly. The paid version also adds some extra features such as estimating costs of projects and estimating  your billable rate.



Asana is available for both iOS and Android devices. It has become quite a tool for helping with individual and organization projects. Through it, you can add multiple projects and track each of them


Trello is good for keeping track of progress of tasks and projects with a card like format for people who thrive on sticky notes and easy drag and drop boards of information.

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Not TikTok, it's TickTick which is another good resource for keeping track of tasks and is probably the simplest one without too many distracting or annoying belsl and whistles an

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