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MAIP (MultiCultural Advertising Intern Program) is a 4A's program  that supplies the advertising industry with world-class multicultural talent. Additionally, MAIP serves as a professional development program for those interns to enhance their skills and visiblity while gaining real world experience. 


She Runs It is an organization created to help women succeed in the marketing and tech world by providing them with mentorship from other women in the industry as well as events, resources and scholarships. 


When the 3% Movement was started only 3% of creative directors were women and even fewer were people of color. Their mission is to increase that number up to 50%. The org hosts a 2-day annual conference in cities around the world, a certification program, consulting programs, and other mini events to improve women's representation.

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Women In Innovation is a community of innovators working together to create pathways for all women to have a seat at the table in spaces of innovation in New York, San Francisco and London. 

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No Insights is a community for women, nonbinary and trans strategists of color in the advertising and media. It provides learning, education and mentorship to help them reach higher leadership positions industries. 

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Chief is the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations — from Fortune 500 companies to successful startups.


Women Who Create is a community of talented multicultural women with the goal of increasing retention, gender & ethnic diversity, and number of women in leadership positions in creative industries. The org provides mentorship, personal development and community to its members. 

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The Girlgaze Network directly connects businesses to a global, curated community of womxn and non-binary creatives, providing teams across the creative industry the on-demand business solution they need, all while creating visibility, resources, and access to tangible opportunities for Girlgaze’s creative community. 

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inVisible Creatives is an initiative that celebrates and helps surface the invisible talent in the industry. They believe that the lack of visibility, not talent, is the one of the biggest barriers to progress so they seek to bring visibility and mentorship to unserved female creatives. 

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Mino is a member-driven platform preparing Black women to lead. Black women are severely underrepresented in corporate leadership making up only 2% of leadership roles despite the fact that Black women are 7% of the U.S. population. So Mino is looking to provide guidance and mentorship to get more black women into leadership.

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BLK Creative is a support network built to help smart, talented, and skillful Black creatives find sustainable pathways to resources for Black creatives and provide them with personal, professional, creative and economic support.

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600 & Rising was formed at the intersection of civil rights across the US and the Black talent crisis facing talent throughout marketing and communications. They seek to close the opportunity gap for Black talent. 

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Where Are the Black Designers is a non-profit advocacy organization that exists to heal, support, amplify, and support the entire spectrum of black designers via education, wellness, free resources, events and partnerships. 

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The Diversity in Design (DID) Collaborative was initiated in June 2021 to foster systemic change by increasing diversity and improving conditions for Black creatives across the design industry. 

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ADCOLOR is the premier advertising organization that celebrates and champions for diversity in the creative and tech industries. ADCOLOR hosts a variety of events across industries to empower diverse talent to rise up and let their talents shine. 

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We Are Hue is a nonprofit organization that aims to amplify voices of color working in marketing, to increase their visibility, and to pave a path for their long-term sustained success.  

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Black Strat is an international online community of Black strategy professionals within the creative industries focused on exchanging resources & inspiration.

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BLAC (Building Leaders and Creators) is an eight-week, paid, remote internship for creative thinkers that takes place at independent ad agencies across the country. It's designed to bring more young Black people into advertising, further prepared to thrive and lead.

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Diverse Creatives is a website dedicated to providing job resources for both hiring managers and diverse creatives looking for work. Additionally, the website has a list of other DE&I website for creative and communication professionals. 

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Mimconnect started as a group chat and quickly grew to 300 people before founder Netta Dobbins decided to make it an official org for minorities in media. Today the org reaches thousands of professionals across the US, Toronto, and London, to help them navigate their careers with workshops, masterclasses, access to career coaches and more. 

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Diversify tech is an org dedicated to providing information, scholarships, and job opportunities for under represented groups in the tech industry. The site connects diverse communities to all the necessary resources to succeed in the highly competitive tech world. 

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Asians in Advertising is an org connecting Asians working in the marketing and advertising industry with the goal to develop a free community, foster opportunities, and help elevate Asians to higher leadership positions.  

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Asian Creative Foundation wants to provide help entry-level creatives with navigating their careers and breaking into the industry. They host events and educational workshops, as well as networking opportunities and portfolio reviews for young creatives. 

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Aliens in Advertising is an organization connecting international talent and students with one another to help them navigate the complexities of living and working in a foreign country. This group hosts events, provides resources for the job hunt, resources on visas, and ways to socialize with international advertising professionals. 

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C0ffe3 is a fake marketing agency that exists on LinkedIn for diverse creatives better use the LinkedIn algorithm. The idea is for creatives to list c0ffe3 as a past employer with the desired job title so diverse creatives show up in recruitment searches more easily. 


Toni is a facebook group specifically made for black women in advertising and marketing to have a safe space to connect, mentor, learn and grow. 

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